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Find That Missing Patient: Recover Your Unpaid Balances

Looking for a Way to Find Missing Patients Successfully?

Locating unreachable patients with unpaid bills is hard! It can be like digging up buried treasure without a map – futile at best. Because, when your patients “skip town,” remembering to share new contact information with you is probably not on their radar - until they see you again at their appointment! There are simply no clues left behind!

So, you write off the bad debt and vow to improve your account receivable management system by collecting all necessary billing details, vetting insurance claims properly, and so on. But then, it happens again and again, and you keep losing your revenue to outdated patient contact information.


Finding a missing patient customer requires much more than just calling the phone number you have on file a time or two, or even sending mail to their home address. Oftentimes, you have to enlist extra steps during your search to find the necessary data to achieve a successful medical debt collection.

Track down the whereabouts of patients who have “skipped town” easily with an extra dose of skip tracing. RMK's Skip Tracing Service involves searching multiple resources to locate current contact information for an unreachable patient.

Need Help Skip Tracing Your Missing Patients?

As a healthcare facility with several patients to attend to and bill out daily, your back office team probably lacks the time to thoroughly search for updated information for return mail or simply unreachable customers. Not to mention, the expert resources required for in-depth skip tracing.

While you can hire any investigative firm to locate updated contact information, RMK is an expert skip tracing agency specialized in the medical bill accounts receivable and collections sector, successfully helping close slow paying account balances.


Besides skip tracing being time-consuming and requiring expert resources, finding a patient does not necessarily mean you’ll be able to recover your unpaid account. This is why RMK's targeted goal is not just to help you find an unreachable patient, but also to enable you to “revive” dead accounts and add a new line of revenue to your bottom line.


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