Are Your Healthcare Collections Just "Good Enough"? 


You're not alone in thinking good enough is good enough, as you see revenue coming into your healthcare business. But, have you considered: how much money you are missing or simply writing off?


Whether you are seeking a short-term partner to get healthcare receivables back on track, coping with a backlog of unworked accounts or searching for a long-term solutions partner, RMK provides you with a custom, flexible workflow, to manage revenue challenges - including small balances!


At RMK, we investigate open claims with tenacity until we find a resolution. We partner with you to create a personalized approach that includes:

Defining a mutual vision.

Quickly adapting to your specialty.

Recommending insightful solutions that improve your medical reimbursement financials for the long term.

Establishing transparent communications.

We can also help you by stabilizing resources, improving collection efficiency, and increasing reimbursement.


Specializes in helping you to resolve self-pay patient balances and insurance claim issues.

  • An early out pre collections program (before the balance is turned over to a debt collection agency) can save your patients from negative collection actions and you'll gain a better patient financial experience.

  • An enhanced revenue strategy can help speed up slow-paying accounts, turnaround non-payment accounts, and reduce bill collecting headaches. 

  • An early out pre collections process keeps receivables and revenue on track.   

  • Add valuable time back (and sanity!) from the time-consuming hassle of monitoring and following up on account balances while minimizing patient turnover to a collection agency.

  • Supplement your existing medical billing and collection efforts to produce additional revenue sooner rather than later.


RMK further enhances balance resolution by undertaking tedious management and follow-up on third-party accounts such as workers' compensation, personal injury, and motor vehicle accidents. RMK has built a reputation for helping ambulance services, physician specialty practices, and other healthcare organizations to collect payments quickly.

Want to reduce the time it takes you to get paid, improve bad debt turnover, and keep your patients happy with your bill collection process? Contact us today!


RMK’s early-out pre collections bridge the recovery gap, taking your receivables to a better place.

Back on track receivables.

Resolves accounts early on.

Solves slow to non-paying accounts.


Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Fill vulnerable workflow and resource gaps.

  • Strengthen and streamline workflow processes.

  • Improve cash flow and recovery an average of 17 to 40 percent.

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BALANCE: $ 1,233.00 
PROBLEM: Claim denied needing primary EOB. 
SOLUTION: Claim billed to supplemental policy instead of MMAI policy which was effective for service date.