Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management Specialists

RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in resolving non-paying to slow paying balances for ambulances, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations. We focus on why an account is still open.

We focus on the root causes of medical reimbursement slow down, and supplement internal back office medical billing and collection resources. This helps in reducing the time it takes you to get paid so that you can realize more cash.


Tackle Revenue Challenges

Whether you are seeking a short-term partner to get healthcare receivables back on track, coping with a backlog of unworked accounts or searching for a long-term solutions partner, RMK provides you with a custom, flexible workflow, to manage the revenue challenges, including the small balances.

Our Approach

At RMK, we pursue open claims with tenacity until we find a resolution. We partner with you to create a personalized approach that includes:

  • Defining a mutual vision.
  • Establishing transparent communications.
  • Quickly adapting to your specialty.
  • Recommending insightful solutions that improve your medical reimbursement financials for the long term.

We can also help you by stabilizing resources, improving collection efficiency and increasing reimbursement.


Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Fill vulnerable workflow and resource gaps.
  • Improve cash flow.
  • Strengthen workflow and streamlines processes to improve recovery, an average of 17% to 40% or more.

Medical Reimbursement Management Tips

  • Bridge the Gap.
  • RMK’s early out collections team bridges the gap and takes your receivables to a better place:
    - keeps receivables management on track.
    - resolves more accounts early on.
    - solve slow to non-paying accounts.

RMK HOLDINGS INC. is based in the Chicago area.

Read how non-paying problem claims were converted to bottom line results.

BALANCE: $ 1,233.00 
PROBLEM: Claim denied needing primary EOB. 
SOLUTION: Claim billed to supplemental policy instead of MMAI policy which was effective for service date.

BALANCE: $ 2,176.00
PROBLEM: Claim denied because of no insurance coverage for service date.
SOLUTION: Claim was filed to incorrect claims address.

BALANCE: $ 1,013.50
PROBLEM: Claim denied because of insurance ID mismatch.
SOLUTION: Claim filed to traditional plan vs. community care.