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Often, you know change is needed but the disruption of switching partners delays the effort. Instead, what if you boost current collection efforts with a specialty early out partner who tackles time-consuming slow to non-paying accounts? An early out also known as a first-party collection strategy can fortify current manpower and transform subpar collection results.

RMK HOLDINGS INC.'s early out collection process clears cash flow bottlenecks caused by:

  • Shifts in personnel and allocated resources.

  • Unpaid deductibles and co-pays.

  • No insurance response.

  • Claim denials.

  • Slow paying patients and other third parties.


When your patient has a problem medical bill and you aren't receiving payment or resolution, what do you do? Spend countless hours attempting to reach a resolution then eventually writing it off as bad debt? 

More often than not, your medical office may be strained for dedicated resources to help patients resolve billing and insurance issues. Why not create a better patient experience by helping your patients, without hiring dedicated internal resources?


Locating unreachable patients with unpaid bills is hard! It can be like digging up buried treasure without a map – futile at best. Because, when your patients “skip town,” remembering to share new contact information with you is probably not on their radar - until they see you again at their appointment! There are simply no clues left behind!

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