Press and Media

Please contact RMK HOLDINGS, INC. regarding press, collaboration and/or partnership ideas.

II. RMK PR Contact Information

To contact our PR department, please send a detailed email to the information listed below. We will respond within 24 hours. Public Relations: Email us or mail us at Address: RMK HOLDINGS, INC. PR 111 North Avenue, Suite 104 Barrington, IL 60010

III. RMK Company Information Sheet

RMK HOLDINGS INC., Industry: Healthcare / Financial Services
Company Description: RMK HOLDINGS INC. has a 25-year plus track record in healthcare medical reimbursement management inclusive of medical billing, accounts receivable management and collections for doctors, physician groups, and healthcare organization. RMK effectively and systematically increases existing cash flow processes an average of 17 to 40 percent reducing overhead, decreasing claim payment turnaround time, and increasing revenue volume. RMK’s customized plan also safeguards trusted images and positive patient relations. Visit RMK's website for more information.

IV. RMK Images

If you are running a story or featuring RMK, please contact RMK for an approved image.

V. RMK Linking Policy

RMK believes strongly in the utility of hyperlinks, which allow anyone to point directly to content, whether on the same site or an external site. RMK will often use hyperlinks to give readers easy access to additional information or original source material. RMK links directly to external resources. Direct links save time for our readers. Where space allows, we attribute the link to its source, to help readers gauge for themselves the value of the content at the destination. When linking to RMK content, please observe similar practices, as a courtesy and (in some instances) a legal necessity.

Please DO:

  • Link to RMK content directly. RMK encourages direct links.
  • Observe all copyright laws.
  • You are welcome to use the title or headline of the article to which you are linking, as long as you link directly to the article.

Our highly personalized approach emphasizes better quality conversations, streamlining processes, and improving systems. These directly contribute to sustainable and maximum recycle cycle recovery.

Please DO NOT:

  • Use a RMK headline to link anywhere but directly to the RMK content.
  • Attribute a link on your site to RMK and then link somewhere else.
  • Write and link to a summary of the RMK story or content that exceeds fair use guidelines.
  • Frame RMK content or otherwise present the content as your own.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact RMK by email or phone at (866) 446-4800.