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How to Find Social Services for Your Patients

Updated: Dec 8, 2022


National Government Services (NGS) continues to partner with Aunt Bertha to provide medical providers with easy access to social service programs in their area through the NGS web-based systems. From and, healthcare professionals can access the NGS-specific Aunt Bertha social services site as well as a direct link to the website to assist patients in need.

A patient's care coordination team can benefit from knowing and accessing these resources as well including ordering/referring providers/facilities, specialists, and other health care professionals who are part of the patient's care plan - including family members.

What is Aunt Bertha?

The new NGS Aunt Bertha website allows you to easily find federal, state and local free and reduced costs resources in your area related to items such as programs for COVID-19, emergency support, food services, financial education and much more by simply using a ZIP code! For example, zip code 61832 returned a total of 1,489 programs available - covering food pantry/delivery and transportation.

Where can I turn for Federal Programs?

The website is your educational guide providing you with information and services focused on federal programs. The topics and services page covers a multitude of areas such as grants and loans for individuals/organizations, small business concerns, and elder care location tools.

How Do I Access the Information?

Both sites provide valuable educational resources and information.

Easily access both sites above from either or Links will be on the right side of the page.

Be sure to also subscribe the NGS Daily News to keep current of new programs as well as educational resources to better assist your patients.

Click for additional physician and patient resources.

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