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When Your Patients Have Problem Medical Bills

When your patient has a problem medical bill and you aren't receiving payment or resolution, what do you do? Spend countless hours attempting to reach a resolution then eventually writing it off as bad debt? More often than not, your medical office may be strained for dedicated resources to help patients resolve billing and insurance issues.


Why not create a better patient experience by helping your patients, without hiring dedicated internal resources?

As a patient billing advocate, Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR) functions as a liaison between you and your patients, freeing up your time by dealing with insurance companies or other third-party payees. Both you and your patients benefit from reduced stress levels, ensuring burdensome non-paying medical billing and claim issues are handled.

MBCR holds membership with APHA, The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

Click to learn more at Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR)

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