Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR)

Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR) provides consumer help with physician medical bills and insurance claim decisions. We understand how it all works from the physician billing and insurance decision side.

MBCR also aids with medical coverage and application completion. Determining eligibility, organizing/submitting verification documents, and following up on your behalf throughout the application process requires time you or
your family member may prefer to use elsewhere.


The MBCR Approach to Medical Bill Resolution

  • Verifying your healthcare bill was paid correctly.
  • Appeal coordination and submission for denied charges that may have been erroneously denied under your plan's specific benefits plan.
  • Guiding you step by step through your insurance plan's appeals process.
  • Coordinating/verifying documentation and forms required for accurate submission to your insurance company.
  • Reconciling medical bill procedures received against insurance decision documentation.
  • Negotiating a reduction of your medical bill with your medical provider; establishing realistic payment plans.
  • Call coordination with your insurance carriers and other third parties to resolve billing/collection issues.

Keeping it Simple, Focused, and Confidential

  • We will request a copy of all relevant documents for review.
  • A 10 minute phone consultation will then be scheduled with you.
  • Finally, we will require a nominal retainer and signing of a Client Agreement-Confidentiality form allowing us to advocate on your behalf.
  • Additional fees due to us will be based on a contingency basis of the amount saved/recovered or hourly rate.

Client Testimonials

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