RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in fulfilling the resource gap after the medical claim is billed.

Early Out Collections

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Early Out Collections: Resolve More Accounts Early On and Get Paid

Get paid quickly by resolving account issues early. It’s called the RMK HOLDINGS INC. early out collections process with specialization in patient collections. This clears cash flow bottlenecks caused by:

  • Shifts in personnel and allocated resources 
  • Unpaid deductibles and co pays
  • No insurance response
  • Claim denials
  • Slow paying patients and other third parties
The RMK Approach

RMK HOLDINGS INC. fills the resource gap by attacking early stage balances to resolve unpaid balances. As an extension of your back-end staff, the goal is to mitigate back-end rework while improving the overall revenue cycle. We will:

  • Partner with you and or your medical billing agent to decrease your accounts receivable early on
  • Provide an enhanced customer service experience and greater responsiveness for your patients
  • Maximize the number of contact attempts to your patients through multiple channels
  • Discover missing insurance and or correct invalid insurance information
  • Initiate message campaigns to communicate balance due resolution steps
  • Identify inferior revenue cycle processes and system improvement steps to accelerate payments and minimize bad debt turnover
The Advantage of Early Out Collections with RMK HOLDINGS INC.

An early out process serves the needs of your healthcare business by:

  • Providing another point of patient interaction
  • Increasing revenue management options 
  • Correcting insurance discovery and adjudication
  • Being completely transparent and when aligned properly, function as an arm of your organization
  • Bringing verifiable experience in revenue management and early out processing
  • Demonstrating patient satisfaction with the process
  • Improving your cash flow and keeping your patients with you
Markets Served

We primarily service ambulance transportation, physician practices, and other professional fee healthcare providers.

Contact us toll-free at 866-446-4800 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free consultation today.

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