RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in fulfilling the resource gap after the medical claim is billed.


Based in the Chicago area, RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in resolving non to slow paying balances for ambulance, physician practices and other healthcare organizations.

RMK HOLDINGS INC. supplements internal back office medical billing and collection resources by focusing on root causes of medical reimbursement slow down, improving the time it takes to get you paid so you can realize more cash, early on.

RMK HOLDINGS INC. also partners with third party medical billing agents by deploying early out collection processes to increase self-pay patient engagement, resolve balances and gain a higher return rate for your clients.

The claim and denial management segment of the healthcare revenue cycle is expected to hold the highest compound growth rate over the coming years. Couple this with continual shifts in revenue cycle management staffing, RMK HOLDINGS INC. can benefit you by stabilizing resources, improving collection efficiency and increasing reimbursement.

Whether you are seeking a short-term partner to get healthcare receivables back on track, coping with a backlog of unworked accounts or searching for a long-term solutions partner, RMK HOLDINGS INC. provides you with a custom, flexible workflow to tackle your revenue challenges including the small balances! 
Contact us toll-free at 866-446-4800 or by email for a free consultation on how to meet the challenges of reduced reimbursements, self-pay patient balances, and overall revenue cycle management.

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Achieving different results may take more persistence than most practices and their staff can support or invest. RMK HOLDINGS INC. pursues open claims with tenacity until resolution is met. RMK HOLDINGS INC. partners with you to create a personalized approach that includes defining a mutual vision, establishing transparent communications, quickly adapting to your specialty, and recommending insightful solutions that improve your medical reimbursement financials for the long term.

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The Advantages of Partnering with RMK HOLDINGS INC.

RMK HOLDINGS INC. specializes in patient collections. By partering with you to fill vulnerable workflow and resource gaps, RMK HOLDINGS INC.  improves cash flow, strengthens workflow and streamlines processes to improve recovery an average of 17% to 40% or more. 

Success Stories

Read how non-paying problem claims were converted to bottom line results.

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