How Inflammation Affects Healthcare Workers Health

Ever find yourself constantly fatigued, anxious and unable to work? Or, maybe one of your healthcare workers keeps calling in sick every other week. Inflammation due to stress may be the culprit.

As a healthcare worker, you probably already know what inflammation is, or have an idea. In simple terms, inflammation occurs when the body’s immune system fights to defend the body from harm, such as infections, toxins, injuries, and even stress.

Inflammation isn’t that bad when it occurs for a short period (acute inflammation). But, when the body fights continuously (chronic inflammation), it leads to severe health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancers.

Stress and Chronic Inflammation

Healthcare workers are one of the most stressed professions in the world. And, research studies have found stress to be one of the major causes of chronic inflammation and, consequently, chronic health conditions.

When stressed, the body releases adrenaline (hormone associated with the flight or fight response) and the stress hormone, cortisol, to enable response to the cause of the stress. The problem with this is that cortisol numbs the immune system from functioning temporarily, thereby allowing invaders such as microorganisms to infect the body. This is why you’ll sometimes feel unwell or come down with a cold when stressed.

Now, when the body is constantly undergoing stress and its immune system is getting turned on and off, it leads to increasing infection. And, as the body continually fights to defend itself, inflammation becomes chronic and causes severe health conditions.

How Inflammation Can Affect Your Healthcare Facility and Business

When you or your healthcare workers have chronic inflammation, it impacts your overall health, which negatively affects the smooth running of your health facility. Here are some of the effects of inflammation.

Poor Health

As previously described, chronic inflammation leads to poor health. Even before the inflammation results in a severe health condition, its symptoms show up such as joint pain, fever and headaches, making it difficult to serve your patients better.

Inability to Work Effectively

As inflammation causes chronic health conditions that require ongoing treatment, healthcare workers will be unable to work effectively. Imagine you’re experiencing severe joint pains due to stress-induced inflammation. It certainly make it challenging to be effective at your job with maximum mobility.

Low Productivity

Another consequence of inflammation is low productivity. Healthcare workers would spend less time at work and more time on sick leave. So, there will be a delay in providing good healthcare services to your patients, or you’ll have to hire more workers.

Bottom Line

Inflammation contributes to the development of chronic health conditions, which can affect the smooth running of your health facility. So, preventing inflammation in your body and educating your healthcare workers how to prevent inflammation is essential. One of the key ways to do this is to reduce stress levels by partnering with an early out collections partner to handle the hassle of managing and following up with outstanding patient and insurance balances.

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