Resolve Account Issues Sooner Than Later

Often, you know change is needed but the disruption of switching partners delays the effort. Instead, what if you boost current collection efforts with a specialty early out partner who tackles time-consuming, slow to non-paying accounts? An early out also known as a first-party collection strategy can fortify current manpower and transform subpar collection results.


RMK HOLDINGS INC.'s early out collection process clears cash flow bottlenecks caused by:

  • Shifts in personnel and allocated resources.

  • Unpaid deductibles and co-pays.

  • No insurance response.

  • Claim denials.

  • Slow paying patients and other third parties.


We at RMK, fill the resource gap by attacking the early-stage balances. That is how we resolve the issue of unpaid balances.

  • Partner with you or your medical billing agent to reduce your receivables, early on.

  • Provide excellent customer service: transparent account details with kindness and empathy.

  • Maximize the number of contact attempts to patients.

  • Discover missing insurance; correct invalid insurance information.

  • Initiate message campaigns to communicate balance due to resolution steps.

  • Monitor and track long tail account cases: workers' compensation, motor vehicle and personal injury.

  • Identify inferior revenue cycle processes and system improvement steps to accelerate payments and minimize bad-debt turnover.


At RMK, we also partner with third-party medical billing agents. We deploy early out collection processes to:

  • Increase self-pay patient engagement.

  • Resolve balances.

  • Gain a higher return rate.

  • Monitor and track long tail account cases: workers' compensation, motor vehicle, and personal injury

We can also help you by stabilizing resources, improving collection efficiency, and increasing reimbursement.


  • Provides another point of patient interaction.

  • Increasing revenue management options.

  • Correcting insurance discovery and adjudication.

  • Being completely transparent and when aligned properly, function as an arm of your organization.

  • Bringing verifiable experience in revenue management and early out processing.

  • Demonstrating patient satisfaction with the process.

  • Improving your cash flow and keeping your patients with you.

At RMK, we primarily service ambulance transportation, physician practices, and other professional fee healthcare providers.


At RMK, our skilled professionals fill the resource gap by performing the leg work necessary to resolve time-consuming medical reimbursement and insurance claim follow-up tasks.

We customize the options below and other areas of your specialty including:

  • Insurance eligibility and verification | Address and demographic validation.

  • Authorization and precertification | Pre-service pricing estimation.

  • Medical billing, claims submission and status monitoring.

  • Payment processing and collections | Pre-collection balance messaging and reminders.

  • Patient statement fulfillment by traditional mail or electronic delivery.

  • Accounts receivable, denial, and appeals management.

  • Multiple payment channel options.

Experienced RMK employees serve as an extension of your staff to help your practice move past the obstacles caused by problems in these areas.

Advantages of Reimbursement Options

With RMK filling the resource gaps in your practice, we can help set patient, payer, and staff expectations while recognizing the staff, establishing accountability, and isolating/resolving problems quickly.

You can observe the result of our efforts in improved statistics, a better cash flow, and high staff morale. The common mission is to tighten intake processes, submit clean claims, and collect payments on a timely basis.

Call us toll-free at (866) 446-4800 or send us an email to info@RMK123.com to learn more about our early-out-collections, and medical reimbursement services.