Self Help

Tips to Sleep in Uneasy Times

As a healthcare professional, how long do you sleep since the COVID-19 pandemic started? Can you even remember the last time you slept well? Check out these tips to help you sleep better in this uneasy time.

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Healthcare Collectors Benefit with Left and Right Brain Skills

These days, healthcare providers are catering to more patients, which may be as a result of the significant rise in today’s aging population and or changes in healthcare insurance coverage. With such a tremendous increase in patients needing healthcare services, one would think there will be a corresponding increase in the profits generated by the…

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Overcoming Objections to Collecting Patient Balances

Your practice or medical organization may be finding itself up against the wall in the face of operational expense increases, decreased reimbursement, and larger patient balances. Consumers can resist collections approaches and it might not be due to a simple unwillingness to pay. It may be tied to emotions and personality types. With this in…

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