Our Beginning and Evolution

Beginning in the 1980s, the original founder focused on medical bad debt acquisition and collections for public and private agencies under a different company. Using this experience, RMK was formed in 2000 to handle medical reimbursement recovery services with a concentration on workflow process analysis to increase reimbursement
turnaround early in the revenue cycle.

Today's Core Service Area

Today, RMK's key focus area is supporting medical and ambulance clients with early out recovery services. Oftentimes, resources are thin for the legwork that may be needed to successfully resolve a balance after the initial billing but before turnover to an outside collection agency. After efforts are exhausted, balances are then turned over to its third party collection agency partners.

With the increase in consumer driven health plans, cost sharing and medical billing complexities, patient support advocacy services delivered under Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR) adds another layer of diversity.

Overall, the increased rate of recovery for clients is an average of 17 to 40 percent plus over their existing provider.

Fundamental Principles

Our fundamental principles remain the same:

  • Engage with internal team members who are high touch and exude passion for what they do.
  • Respond quickly, follow through, and exemplify integrity in every interaction.
  • Collaborate and create open communication for positive results.
  • Remain agile, adapting to changing operational shifts.
  • Fully address concerns and questions with transparency.
  • Quality over quantity to produce predictable results with minimal waste and duplicate effort.
  • Protect those whom we serve, both team members and clients.

Our highly personalized approach emphasizes better quality conversations, streamlining processes, and improving systems. These directly contribute to sustainable and maximum recycle cycle recovery.

Mission Statement

"Implement recovery solutions based upon the best efficiencies possible, backing team members so they can provide exceptional services to our clients with kindness, dignity and respect."

Giving Back

RMK supports and encourages giving back time or resources to a loved cause because it is the right thing to do. 

RMK and or its team support organizations/charities including the below. Click on each organization's name to learn more on how you can also be involved! 

Moyo Village

Danville Rescue Mission 

PADS of Elgin

Holt International

Numana, Inc.

Professional Memberships
  • AAPC, American Academy of Professional Coders.
  • ABMA, American Medical Billing Association.
  • Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, A+ Rating.