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Healthcare Provider Insurance Enrollment

If you want to diversify your patient population and increase better payer payments, ensure you start out on the right foot with accurate provider insurance enrollment. For example, if you are also a Medicare or other federal/state entitlement program provider, did you know that your submission information must match exactly with CMS and NPI? And, did you know that any punctuation differences can also cause payments to stop?

Avoid payer enrollment and cash flow delays by ensuring all critical information is submitted accurately. Common application delays are: 

  • Missing data
  • Outdated information 
  • Incomplete application
  • Non-response to requests for additional or corrected information

On average, an application can be approved in 90 days but allow up to 150 days. The same process must be followed each time a physician joins or leaves your practice, group or clinic.

This can create a lot of extra work and follow up.

Do you have the time and dedicated staff to ensure this critical process is done efficiently and correctly?

RMK is your total solution for provider insurance enrollment for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial/managed care payers. We quickly and accurately provide insurance enrollment with your selected payers, eliminating this time consuming burden. And, we also manage your initial and renewal applications from start to finish. You can be assured your cash will keep flowing!

Contact us toll-free at 866-446-4800 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information today.


I just wanted to inform you that your staff went the extra mile on my behalf and we truly appreciate your assistance.
Thank you for your fine business conduct. We are very grateful.
I applaud you for having staff members who show utmost professionalism, knowledge, patience and respect.
We have had a good working relationship...we can pick up the phone and discuss issues easily and in person.
We receive excellent service and solutions to solve whatever problems that we may have had.
I can't thank you guys enough for helping me negotiate my bill. I'm so glad there are folks like you around.
I have been extremely satisfied with the performance of RMK. They have worked very closely with our practice helping us to carry out the billing process efficiently.
Thank you for working with me and my situation to repay my balance.
RMK is very competitive and works hard to recover revenue for delinquent patient accounts.
We appreciate being alerted to issues, that if adjusted in our practice, could increase our revenue.
The response to our questions, concerns, and requests for specific information has been very prompt and accurate.
I have many medical bills that have much larger balances than the one I have with you. Thank you for working with me instead of being sent to an automated payment system.

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